Big 5: A set of 5 fairly unrelated issues facing the NuCypher Network's path to mainnet

I have just opened up five new big-picture issues:

Although they are not particularly related to one another in terms of their position in the codebase or their effect on users, they represent the kind of thinking that we need to ramp up in order for our journey to (and on) mainnet to be a success.

As we have increasingly (and awesomely) bested many of the small challenges in our way, we have had to punt some bigger ones out of the way. These five issues represent a matured viewpoint on some of these punted issues.

I propose that we either craft fixes for these issues or divide them into clear, discrete issues which, taken together, will achieve the “completion condition” which I have attached to each. This is doable by the end of the year; perhaps even by devcon. Then, we open up another “big 5”.

I also invite others who have a morning of clear thinking about a set number of issues to open up a “big 3” or “big 6” or whatever if that makes sense. Ideally, they are each authored in a similar style to one another, and each with a hard, clear completion condition.

Note: I’m not saying that these are the big 5 issues, or that there aren’t five bigger issues. Instead, I’m trying to turn a corner in terms of how we think about big-but-discrete concerns for our codebase.