ETHWaterloo2 Hackathon + NuCypher

What a busy few months it's been for us at NuCypher. After a stretch in Europe for ETHBerlin, Web3 Summit, and Berlin Blockchain Week, we parted ways before quickly reuniting in Japan for Devcon5, Osaka! On the eve of our IRL team reunification we announced the NuCypher official public testnet release and showcased a roadmap to mainnet. Since then we've seen over 170 nodes spin up and so much activity in our support channels. If you haven't done so, jump in, spin up a node! It's good practice before our next release of incentivised testnet! Just as the jet lag seems to have worn off from Japan, we took on SF Blockchain week, including a variety of meetups and ZKSummit - SF Edition.

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