Hand holding for newb node managers?

While I’m not new to crypto, running a node will be a new one for me. I dont want to let some service do what I think is a duty if you believe in what blockchain can offer society. I have printed out everything you guys have put out on github, et al.

Is there a way to start with baby steps? I want my node up and running flawlessly from the start. Thanks

Hey Damocles, we’ll be prioritizing documentation and staking UX but my best advice would be to engage early during the public testnet phase (soon TM) to get familiar with the UX and requirements.

Also, while we do want it to be approachable, I wouldn’t recommended entirely non-technical people to try to run nodes on their own (not sure if you’re in this category or if you’re just new to running nodes). One possibility may be to check out providers (e.g. Bison Trails and others) that try to provide plug-and-play infrastructure (while leaving the nodes under your control), as opposed to pooling it. Or being thoughtful about delegating to smaller providers instead of ones with large amount of stake delegation already.

That said, we will definitely try our best to support node operators of varying experience levels and I don’t want to discourage anyone who feels up to it from doing so :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed reply.
What would be the best way to use the testnet period in order to learn? Is the testnet like paper trading a mkt, i.e., will it be like a node simulation?

The testnet will be NuCypher nodes and NU tokens running on the Goerli Ethereum testnet.