Secure crowdsourcing

“Secure crowdsourcing” with NuCypher

tl;dr A network of on-the-ground data collectors continually capture valuable real-world data, selling to customers with location-based products (e.g. Uber, Waze, Yelp). The NuCypher network manages access, protects collector privacy, and enforces their compensation.

Based on the case study: Access control for real-world data, generated by real-world humans

Open questions

  • Besides location-driven applications and autonomous vehicles, to which other domains could the secure crowdsourcing model be applied? E.g. collecting symptom data to combat an epidemic.
  • What other decentralized infrastructure is required? E.g. a stablecoin to predictably remunerate collectors
  • Could privacy be further protected by other technologies? E.g. differential privacy, FHE

Further questions, criticism and use case variations are very welcome!